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We offer a unique value proposition, a scalable business model, and a team of passionate experts. By investing in Vertiqal Studios, you diversify your portfolio and tap into boundless opportunities in the booming digital media industry. With 43M+ dedicated followers and subscribers and 2B+ monthly video views across our 66-channel owned-and-operated TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram networks, we are redefining the television experience through digital channel ownership. Own a piece of history with Vertiqal Studios!

Company Overview

Toronto Stock Exchange Market Open Ceremony

Vertiqal Studios, formerly operating as Gamelancer Media, celebrates TSX Market Open along with esteemed special guests.

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Investor Relations Information


  • What are the strategic plans for the next 3 years, capital requirements, and the anticipated growth phase?

    Over the upcoming three years, our strategic focus is geared towards solidifying our position as a leader in the digital media landscape. Our roadmap involves a heightened commitment to cultivating an even more robust community connection and expanding our services into the US media market. These initiatives will fuel a deeper engagement with our expanding audience and forge stronger brand partnerships.

    When it comes to capital requirements, we’re diligently working towards achieving a positive EBITA in the near future. This forward-looking financial goal indicates that near-future capital funding is unlikely. This revenue-positive target for 2023 will fuel our efforts in amplifying our content creation capabilities, expanding our market footprint, and fortifying our operational infrastructure.

    Our anticipated growth phase is poised for acceleration, leveraging our established viewership while strategically introducing partnerships that amplify our market presence. Anchored by our dynamic team, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment, we have full confidence in our capacity to achieve substantial growth milestones within the outlined timeframe.

  • What is Vertiqal Studio's strategy to maintain relevance in the dynamic media landscape and proactively stay ahead in adapting to changing media consumption trends?

    Our strategy for sustained relevance revolves around two fundamental pillars: innovation and audience-centricity. We are committed to continuously exploring new ways to captivate our viewers through pioneering content formats and immersive experiences. By staying attuned to emerging technologies and trends, we ensure our content resonates with evolving audience preferences.

    Additionally, staying ahead of changing media consumption patterns involves agile adaptation. We closely monitor shifts in viewer behavior and promptly realign our content strategies to match these evolving patterns. This includes a proactive approach to exploring emerging platforms, embracing data-driven insights, and engaging in meaningful conversations with our audience to co-create content that resonates.

    By anchoring ourselves in innovation and actively engaging with our audience, Vertiqal Studios positions itself to not only remain relevant but to thrive in the ever-changing media landscape. Our commitment to embracing change as an opportunity for growth sets us apart and ensures our offerings remain compelling, fresh, and aligned with the pulse of our viewers’ preferences.

  • What contributed to the remarkable success of this company in 2023? Who are the key figures driving this achievement, and what forms of support are behind their accomplishments?

    The exceptional performance of our company in 2023 can be attributed to a blend of strategic vision, innovation, and relentless dedication. Our team has focused on capitalizing on emerging trends in the media landscape, resulting in a profound resonance with our target audience. The ability to adapt swiftly to changing consumption habits, coupled with a commitment to delivering engaging content, has played a pivotal role in our success.

    Guiding this remarkable achievement are visionary leaders who have charted our course with unwavering insight and determination. The dynamic team includes luminaries such as Jon Dwyer (CEO), Max Desmarais (President), Pooja Sharma (CFO), Razvan Romanescu (CSO), Darren Lopes (CPO), Zak Longo (CCO – Content), Sam Park (CMO), Kamar Burke (CCO – Creative), as well as the esteemed independent Directors including JF Cote, Cyril Leeder, Rob Segal, Sam Banks, and the Head of our Advisory Board, Storm Boswick. Together, they have been the driving force behind our trajectory of growth, having spearheaded our growth trajectory, guiding the company through strategic decisions and fostering an environment of innovation.

    Our accomplishments are not just individual efforts; they are backed by a supportive network of investors, partners, and stakeholders who share our vision. Their confidence and belief in our mission have provided the resources and expertise necessary to drive our initiatives forward. We are grateful for this collective support, which has been instrumental in our journey of success.

    In essence, our achievements in 2023 are a culmination of strategic foresight, unwavering commitment, and a collaborative ecosystem that propels us to continually reach new heights in the ever-evolving media landscape.

  • Why is the company excelling in building its foundation but facing challenges in garnering public support within the open market?

    Our success in establishing a solid foundation is a result of meticulous planning, strategic execution, and a dedicated team committed to realizing our vision. We have focused on strengthening our core operations, refining our offerings, and aligning with long-term goals, which has contributed to our robust foundation.

    However, the public market dynamics involve multifaceted factors beyond our internal efforts. These include market sentiment, investor perceptions, and macroeconomic trends that influence public support. While we are proud of our strong foundation, we recognize the need to effectively communicate our value proposition, engage with stakeholders, and address any concerns to bridge the gap between our achievements and public sentiment.

    In our journey towards securing public support, we remain resolute in our commitment to transparency, strategic growth, and enhancing our communication strategies. By proactively addressing market dynamics and consistently delivering on our promises, we aim to build stronger connections within the open market and translate our foundational strength into broader recognition and investor confidence

  • In the midst of the rapid transformation from traditional advertising to the dynamic realm of digital advertising, what sets Vertiqal apart as a vanguard in this innovative approach? Can we anticipate other companies embracing this shift, and is there a risk of them matching the momentum set by Vertiqal Studios?

    The shift from traditional to digital media consumption has provided forward-thinking companies like Vertiqal Studios with advantages such as the first-mover edge. Early adoption of novel techniques and platforms has enabled Vertiqal to engage early digital adopters, forming a loyal community of members, content creators, and brand partners.

    Vertiqal’s success can be attributed to:

    Innovation and Agility: Pioneering companies exhibit an innovative and agile culture, adapting swiftly to evolving technologies and consumer behaviors to maintain a competitive edge.

    Understanding the Digital Landscape: Pioneering digital advertising requires a deep grasp of emerging platforms, social media trends, online consumer behavior, and data analytics. Utilizing this knowledge, companies can craft compelling campaigns.

    Creative Content: Effective digital advertising entails crafting engaging content that resonates with the target audience. Companies excelling in creating shareable, relatable, and memorable content tend to thrive in the digital realm.

    Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging the data-rich nature of digital advertising, companies can optimize campaigns in real time through data-driven decision-making processes, refining strategies for optimal outcomes.

    Multi-Platform Approach: Successful pioneers recognize the significance of a multi-platform approach, tailoring advertising strategies for diverse digital channels such as social media, search engines, websites, and mobile apps.

    The timing of other companies adapting to these advertising landscape changes hinges on variables including industry specifics, market trends, and the speed of technological uptake. Enterprises slow to adapt could face disadvantages, particularly if competitors have already established a strong digital foothold.

    It’s crucial to remember that the prosperity of companies pioneering new advertising methods relies on a blend of innovation, strategic planning, execution, and market conditions. Keeping abreast of the latest industry developments is key to accurately evaluating the present advertising landscape.